Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jessica's Wedding

Jessica and Josh Isler exchange vows

Our family tree grew this weekend when our niece, Jessica Padilla, married Josh Isler. Jessica and Josh were legally married a year ago, before he left for active military duty overseas. This weekend, they were married in the Catholic Church in front of friends and family from New Mexico and Pennsylvania.

For the genealogical record, Jessica is the daughter of Jeff B. Padilla and Debbie Casaus, my sister-in-law; and the granddaughter of William and Sophie Padilla, and Joe and Neyda Casaus. Josh is the son of Ron Isler and Pam Cole; and the grandson of Joe and Annamae Cole; and Ron and Betty Isler.

The wedding was especially meaningful for our family because our daughters were part of the wedding party. They shared their thoughts about the wedding as part of this blog:
Isabella, Jessica and Carin
By Carín Gallegos

I’m Carín…this is about my cousin’s wedding….

Okay so one day Jessica called us and told us that she is engaged!!! I was so happy and excited cause I always wanted to be a bride’s maid…and guess what…I was!!! So all through the year I was trying on dresses and we found the perfect one! It was a dark purple (it was my favorite color).

So July 6th couldn’t come any sooner!!! And like four days before the wedding we’ve been preparing for the wedding and setting up. I bet everyone was nervous!

So the day of the wedding…I was like so excited I woke up like at 5am!!! So all the bride’s maids and the bride and flower girl went to get our hair done. So we all finished getting it done and all our hair turned out great! When we got home I was running up to my room to get my dress on! And Isabella and I were ready both of us were like HURRY UP! We had to be at the church an hour early.

So when all of us got there when I saw Jessica’s dress I’m like OMG!!! YOU LOOK LIKE A PRINCESS!!! Jessica was really nervous also but she said she didn’t know why.

Maid of Honor Jennifer Padilla
So it was time to walk down the aisle and I was the very first one to walk! But really Josh’s parents were, but still! The wedding itself was beautiful!  So after the wedding part we went to the park down on Rio Grande and took pictures! I had fun taking pictures… and I told Jessica and Jennifer to send me the pictures they took to me cause I’m too excited to see them!!

At the party it was fun! Jennifer did a wonderful speech and so did Josh’s brother… well his brother’s speech was kinda funny. But I will never forget the day that JESSICA AND JOSH became… MR. AND MRS. ISLER!!! And I know Jessica and Josh are very happy together!!

Flower Girl Isabella Gallegos

By Isabella Gallegos

On Saturday, July 6, 2013, I was going to be a flower girl for my cousin Jessica’s wedding. I was nervous and had butterfly’s in my stomach because I never been a flower girl in my life. Once I walked down the aisle, I felt happy because everyone was taking pictures and smiling at me.

Whenever I go to my Nanibea and Papi’s house on Thursday and Wednesday in the mornings, Papi opens the door with his shirt off because he just got out of bed. And so sometimes he always poses and then I say oh come on that’s just gross! Everyone laughs about that.

And the morning of the wedding day, my dad woke me up and I said I’m nervous about the wedding. Then he said, just pretend everyone has only their underwear on and Papi with his shirt off posing. Then we both laughed.
Isabella Gallegos

There is so much to say about the reception but it’s so much to write about but I can speak about this. Late at night around 10:00 I got really tired a and my Nina kept telling me to lay down on the couch but I kept saying no its ok. It was too dark and my Nina thought her dog Ginger was lost in the streets. We all had a flashlight looking around everywhere and my Nina said Ginger can’t be so far around here because she’s too old. I looked one more time for Ginger in the backyard and my cousin Jennifer said Ginger is in the kitchen! We were all like good thing she’s not really lost! Then it started raining and Jennifer drove us home.

We got home around 12:00 at midnight. Right when I got in my room I changed into my pajamas, I had to sleep in my mom and dads room because my sister was asleep in my bed because somehow she gets sick in her bed. So that’s the day about my cousin’s wedding.

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