Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I love soccer!

Isabella Gallegos 2011

By Isabella Gallegos
When it was my first year of soccer, I was a bit nervous because I had never played soccer. Once I got to meet all my teammates I started to feel better about this year. One time when I was going to throw the ball in, it looked like I was flying like super man.  My sister laughs about that. In my second year of soccer, it was fun because my friend Morgan played with me during practice. I’d always get my ball and pretend my ball is a egg and whenever my coach gets my ball, I would always say “ there goes my ball to Pre-School!”

Now I’m just beginning my third year of soccer. I love all my new teammates! My best friend in my team is Riley Barnard. I love her because she’s always too nice and whenever she kicks the ball too hard to me or I do it to her, we always say sorry! I hope to keep on playing soccer for the rest of my life! I wonder what my next year of soccer will be like?

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