Saturday, March 14, 2015

Wedding Anniversary

I’ve been meaning to post some great photos of my grandparents’ wedding, along with other old photos that relatives have shared with me since my Grandma Rise died nearly two years ago. Today, which would have been grandparents’ 73rd wedding anniversary. The first photo (below) is a portrait of the wedding party. My Grandma wrote a note on the back, which is shown below in this image, to her sister, Pita.

 My Grandpa Carlos died in 1980, and Grandma Rise always called me every year on March 14. She called to remind me that we share this special day, and she would often cry as she thought about all the years without her husband.
Grandma Rise March 14, 1942

I’ve written about their marriage in 1942. My Grandpa, his two brothers and my Grandma’s brother all took a quick break from military training in Texas to get to Las Vegas for the wedding. They quickly returned to Texas, and all but my Grandpa left for the invasion of Sicily in 1943 and America’s entrance in the European theater of World War II. My Grandpa would join them in France after he completed his training to be an officer.

I was fortunate to receive the following photos of my Grandma from some relatives:

Grandma Rise (Date Unknown)

Grandma Rise (Graduation from high school)

Grandpa Carlos, Grandma Rise, Cousin Mary Sue, my Dad, Gil Sr.

Grandma Rise (top row, second from right) with some of her sisters and others)