Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baseball Tradition

I’m still going through my mom’s old photos, and needless to say, there are plenty of baseball memories. My parents like to remind me that their first argument after getting married was during the 1968 World Series featuring the Detroit Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals. I forget who was on which side of the debate. But the allegiance to great game of baseball has continued. Here are some little league photos I’ve come across of the Gallegos family, along with various photos of my cousins and an uncle who played baseball. A few other of my cousins also played baseball, but I haven't found photos in my mom's collection. I thought for sure that I would find photos of my Bustamante cousins in Las Vegas. I have great memories of playing with Dale and David when my brother and I were young. Another cousin, Andrew Chavez, also made a name for himself on the baseball diamonds in California.


The first is a photo and write-up in the 2009 University of New Mexico Baseball Records publication that features my younger brother, Jon Gallegos, and his national-record breaking day in 1993 against the University of Utah.


Gil Gallegos, Sr., Los Alamos Little League All-Stars 1955



Gil Gallegos, Jr., North Valley Little League 1981

Jon Gallegos, North Valley Little League 1984

Alek Gallegos, Eastdale Little League 2007

Derrick Gallegos, Eastdale Little League 2009

Tanner Gallegos, Eastdale Little League, 2009

Uncle Ralph Chavez, Farmington Little League c)1976

(Cousin) Mikey Chavez, Farmington Little League 

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