Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Field Trip to Las Golondrinas

By Isabella Gallegos

Last week my class and I went to a field trip at Las Golondrinas. It took 45 minutes to get there so my teacher, Mrs. Studer, said we can sleep on the bus when we were on our way over there. The best part was when we ate lunch at a park with a lot of leafs and when we finished lunch, we got a whole handful of leafs and threw them at each other. It was really fun!

Isabella Gallegos at Las Golondrinas
Las Golondrinas is a living history museum. That means we got to see how people lived in New Mexico a long time ago. 

My class and I even got to wash dirty sheep wool in a bucket of water. Those people even gave my class and I a piece of sheep wool. We smelled the sheep wool and it smelled weird. We even went to this Chapel called Morada with this little cemetery but there was no people buried there.

Isabella washing Sheep wool
Sheep at Las Golondrinas

My class and I even got to start making a candle. But I was expecting to make are own candle out of wax. The way we did it was we got a stick and tied string to the end of the stick and we dipped the string in melted wax and it took a whole day to make it but we couldn’t stay for a day there.
Isabella and classmates making candles


  1. Golondrinas is a beautiful, magical place. I was recently there for the Renaissance Fair. Now that is something to see! I live a short walk away from Golondrinas near the wetland. Glad you enjoyed the day here. :)