Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Daughter's Grief

I am Isabella Lucia Gallegos and I will tell about my Grandma Rise.
One Morning, I was playing my soccer game and when I got home my parents had to tell me something and they said our Grandma Rise Died at 5:00 today in the morning. I froze for a minute and my sister went to her room and then I did too. I sat on my chair and looked out my window and I kept thinking, She Didn’t Die Yes She Did NO SHE DIDN’T YES SHE DID! I went downstairs and sat with my mom and I kept asking questions about my Grandma Rise. Then I cried for a minute because I miss her and I said at least she will be with her husband, mom, and dad though and not with us. So now I always pray at night before I go to bed about her. Today is the day before we are going to my church Risen Savior and to Santa Fe to her rosary. I’m thinking I will cry softly at the funeral. I will really, super, definitely miss her for the rest of my life!

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