Sunday, August 26, 2012

Journey with Neil Armstrong

I was born just four months before Neil Armstrong’s historic walk on the moon. A few years later, my Dad attended school at the University of Cincinnati at the same time Armstrong was a professor of aeronautical engineering. My Dad said people kept stealing Armstrong's nameplate from his office door, forcing the school to eventually paint his name on the door.

There are a lot of tributes on TV and in newspapers today about the amazing life of Neil A. Armstrong. But my favorite story about Armstrong came from my daughter, Carin, who wrote a story about him as part of a third-grade project. It was one of the first school projects I got to work on with her. I remember her rolling her eyes when I was so excited to take her to the library to look for books about Armstrong. She had already done some research on Armstrong on the Internet, and didn’t see a reason to go to the library. But I dragged her along, and hopefully she remembers it when she’s older.

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