Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Otero Family Tree

I often forget when I’m describing the genealogy of my relatives that the family connections are more easily understood when you see them on a pedigree chart. I spend so much time researching the relationships, I forget it is probably new to anyone who reads my blog, including relatives who know bits and pieces of the history.

My most recent post about Sister Mary Robert is a good example. I asked a cousin to read it, and she said she remembers her father saying Sister Mary was taken in as an orphan. She was taken in by her uncle, Melquiades Otero, apparently after the death of her father, Miguel Otero.
Sister Mary Robert

This is the pedigree chart for Eloisa Otero, later known as Sister Mary Robert. She shares the same grandfather, Gregorio N. Otero, as her cousin (my Great-Grandmother) Eliza Otero.

This is the baptismal record for Eloisa Otero. It shows she was the daughter of Miguel Otero and Maria Guadalupe Jaramillo. Her Padrinos were her Uncle Melquiades Otero and Aunt Beatriz Jaramillo, who would take her in prior to 1910 when her father died.
This is the pedigree chart for my Great-Grandmother Eliza Otero. Eliza married my Great-Grandfather Diego Antonio Chavez. Together, they were the parents of my Grandpa Louie Chavez.

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