Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Communion

I’ve gone through more sacramental records that I can count in my ongoing effort to figure out my genealogy. Too often, as I’m searching for a nugget of information that helps my search, I become desensitized to the meaning of those records. I’m always amazed when I see an ancestor’s baptism or marriage record, and I wonder about the ceremony. But I don’t spend enough time thinking about what was really happening at that time in their lives.

Isabella Lucia Gallegos
But today, the meaning became crystal clear. My youngest daughter, Isabella Lucia Gallegos, received her First Eucharist, or First Communion, at Risen Savior Catholic Community in Albuquerque. It was a big day for her, and she did a wonderful job. She is so curious and inquisitive. It warmed my heart and I know Yvette was touched as well to watch our little Bella learn about God, and to go on that journey with her. And of course she looked beautiful in her white dress, which she could hardly wait to wear.
Gil, Yvette and Isabella Gallegos
Gil, Yvette, Carin and Isabella Gallegos

Father Tim Martinez is new to our parish, and he did a great job communicating with the kids and making them feel loved.
Isabella with Father Martinez
Father Martinez blessing the children's rosaries and other gifts

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